Mold Remediation in Princeton, NJ

Princeton, NJ Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

Eagle Elite Contractors provides Mold Removal and Remediation in Princeton, NJ 08540.

Due to our work with building restorations, repairs of various leaks into structures, and roof replacements in the Princeton, NJ area, we have become intimately involved with the dreaded "M" word. We have found that many Princeton mold remediation companies, which rely on mold as their primary source of income, tend to exaggerate things when it comes to handling mold, and many don't even have a clear understanding of what is causing the issue. For example, attic mold is generally a result of a ventilation related issue.

Mold in your Princeton, NJ home is usually visible and may produce a musty odor. Mold can often be found in areas where leaks and flooding have occurred, and ventilation may be inadequate, such as attics and basements. Inhaling mold can cause an allergic or toxic reaction in an otherwise healthy person, or may just cause vague and minor symptoms such as sinus problems. Infants, young children, the immune compromised, and the elderly are at an increased risk for experiencing adverse health effects related to mold exposure.

With our roofing expertise we can provide mold remediation and removal services for your Princeton, NJ home or commercial building, as well as provide recommendations and the services needed to correct the cause of the mold. Mold removal can be a temporary solution unless the cause of the mold is identified and corrected. So if you have a leak in your roof, and the roof is not repaired or replaced, the leak will continue to cause mold, as well as other damage to your Princeton, NJ home.