Flat Roofing in Central Jersey

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We provide Flat Roofing (TPO and EPDM) Services in Central Jersey, including roofing warranty repairs and installations. We serve Commercial, Industrial, Condominium and Residential properties.

Did you know that 70% of new roofs installed in America fail prematurely? The two-fold reason for this is poor workmanship and inferior products.

To safeguard against this reality, Eagle has selected one of the largest roof system manufacturers in the US, Firestone Roofing Systems, and is an authorized Firestone Roofing Systems applicator.

Our being an authorized Firestone Roofing Systems applicator benefits our Central Jersey Flat Roofing customers in several ways:

  • The roof system manufacturer reviews the project before it begins, to ensure conformity to their specifications.
  • A manufacturer's technician inspects work at completion.
  • The manufacturer issues a warranty for a selected warranty period which covers both labor and materials.
  • Elimination of engineering costs to oversee a project since the roof system's manufacturer is actively involved in the installation process and confirms correct application of the system upon completion.

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